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Beside being a part of the publication of the design2product “Webster” was published by Springer in the HCI International 2014 – Posters’ Extended Abstracts and presented at the Conference in Crete (Greece). Furthermore I got the opportunity to publish the whole thesis in cooperation with the AkademikerVerlag in 2015.

Newway Award

This award honours theses that handle innovative topics and provide new approaches and new ways of problem solving. In addition to a high degree of innovation the honoured works distinguish themselves by a very high quality both in the questioning and in the implementation. I won in the category InterMedia students in 2013.

Master Thesis

Webster is the practical part of my master thesis at the University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg, which I handed in in 2013. My two supervisors Dr. Hubert Matt and Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Karl-Heinz Weidmann supported me to push this work forward to achieve a concept, that is worth sharing and shows a different mindset of the WWW.


The concept of Webster focuses on one of my favourite media: the WWW. Since the presentation of HTML and HTTP in the 90ies, the WWW continues to grow and evolve as an important and well designed media. But still we see the web mainly as a mass of pages. By concentrating on content and not on authorship, Webster offers a new way to search and browse the Web. Webster shows how the presentation and usage of the Web with new semantic technologies could work without using the metaphor of a page in all its dimensions.



UX/UI enthusiast currently working on future Automotive User Experiences.



I’m UX/UI design designer from Austria currently residing in Detroit. Since the commercial school I have known that I want to become a media designer – combining creativity with marketing knowledge to achieve a beautiful and useful design with a powerful concept. My studies gave me the knowledge I needed to be able to actually turn my passion into a career. I enjoy the work as a designer in all its aspects – from brainstorming to creating the final concept to actually design hands-on. Teamwork was always important in my education and I really enjoy working together to achieve a nice and meaningful result. But I’m also able to work alone, I’m responsible and on schedule. Let’s just drink a coffee together, because I really enjoy to be among people.


Work experience

Being on the forefront in the automotive UI and UX world iconincar is one of the leading design agencies in this field. I got the opportunity to be part of this wonderful team and responsible for connected systems – mainly as a visual designer for apps, sometimes even part of the concept team and always trying to achieve the best possible solution in a close and familiar relationship with our clients. Before this first full-time job I had the pleasure of being a part-time employee beside my studies at the design agency popup communications in Bludenz (Austria). In this time I was able to collect a lot of first practical knowledge and insights from different projects using a variety of media. What they say about me? Download the letter of recommendation here.



The study InterMedia at the University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg (Austria) offered me a widespread knowledge of using different media. Beside print projects (from brochures to posters and a book) I made projects using photography, interactive media, video and of course all of them mixed up in cross-media strategies. After my bachelor degree I continued studying and focused myself on interactive media. In October 2013 I finished my study with the academic title Master of Arts in Arts and Design. Furthermore I got the opportunity to study one semester abroad. Turku (Finland) was where I lived in for six months and a lot of adventures like husky sledding and reindeer rides made this adventure in the north more than worth it.



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